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Our Work

This is a sampling of projects that we have been involved in. It is not a complete list, but does give an idea of the range of work that we do. If you want to know more about a particular project, please contact us.

High resolution image Compression Technology Partner in Japan
Helped a USA company to form strategic partnerships in Japan to promote and sell its high resolution image compression technology in mapping/space imaging and medical imagery industries. This project is ongoing.

Online sales system and database for automobile exports
Planned and developed a system to synchronize and maintain online sales database content with local databases for Australian-Japanese company based in Japan.

Website for online sales of discount long distance telephone codes
Planned and implemented an online sales strategy for a Japanese company marketing overseas long distance services to non-Japanese living in Japan.

High speed scanning and Document Management Technology
Coordinated the establishment of partnership and technology transfer between Japanese company and US company resulting in the creation of a new business in Japan.

Japanese - English Auto Registry System
Developed a system to expedite automobile registration in Japan for non-Japanese.

Comprehensive technology and restructuring plan for CPA firm
Developed a comprehensive plan to restructure the business of a high-profile CPA firm in Sapporo, Japan. This plan touched on all processes within the firm, with an emphasis on utilizing technology to improve customer services and rationalize internal work flows.

US Market Research for Japanese software developer
Produced secondary research report for Japanese software developer specialising in data encryption for online payroll and related systems to identify similar products and developers in the US as preparation for market entry. Also researched relevant patent regulations.

Japan - Korea software sales
Assisted with final negotations between Japanese company and Korean company to license Korean-made intranet/work group software for sale in Japan.

Bilingual intranet for international communications company
Planned and developed web-based human resource scheduling system, daily reporting and cash management system, and client database system.


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