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Take advantage of these offerings and put your business in the world's second largest economy RIGHT NOW
Business Consulting Internet Technology Computer Technology

Let us be your guide to minimize risk and increase profits.

- Market research

- Partner search and audit

- Overseas agents

- Liaison service

- Import/export support

- Product searches

- Translation & interprsetation

- Corporate re-engineering

- Conflict resolution

- Business strategy and planning

- Country familiarization

- Relocation services

- Personnel recruitment

- Test marketing

- Due diligence

- Contract negotation

- Patent registration and sales

Reduce cost and extend your reach internationally. Attention to detail and focusing on business instead of flashy technical tricks is why we have a reputation for excellence.

- Multilingual website planning, design and implementation

- Website evaluation and usability optimization

- User interface design- web, application, mobile

- Online sales, scheduling, catalogues, databases, intranet services

- Online marketing, promotion and strategy planning

- Website/domain hosting on country-specific servers for best performance

- Domain name registration and support

- Website access/ROI analysis

- Training in use for business purposes

- Ongoing support and maintenance

- Online conferencing and collaboration
(reduce your international phone bill!)

Unparalleled expertise in bilingual Macintosh business support, web-based multimedia production

- Software sales, installation

- System troubleshooting and support

- Networking (including wireless)

- Filemaker Pro database work

- Data backup and restoration

- System maintenance and performance optimization

- Remote administration


Multimedia Services

Our team includes expert photographers, designers, and multimedia creators to bring your advertising or marketing campaign to life.

- Still photography

- Film and video

- Audio

- Layout and design

- Print work


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